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Tonight’s IEEE/IASA “Architecting Software Effectively” presentation

Suvajit Gupta gave a great presentation in which he discussed how to architect software effectively. The talk was co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Chapter I co-chair and our new Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA). The talk was very well attended (over 100 people registered and most attended).

Suvajit was nice enough to give us his presentation to put up on the IEEE website and it’s now available for download. It will be posted on the IEEE website as soon as our webmaster there can get to it but I figure I’d blog about it and post it here because many of you wanted to access to it tonight.

Also, I wanted to give you an opportunity to leave your comments here about the talk (what you liked, what can be improved) as well as the following questions Suvajit posed during his talk:

  • What is the difference between Enterprise, Technical, and Business Architecture?
  • What else does Architecture mean to you?
  • Do the best Software Architects still code?
  • How do you ensure architectural compliance?
  • What are some metrics for evaluating Architectures?
  • Has anyone used an ADL (Architecture Description Language) to document their Architecture?
  • What is the quality of your architectures?

Just for convenience, here are the links he provided in his presentation:

SEI: “Views & Beyond Approach”
IEEE/ANSI: “Architectural Description of Software-Intensive Systems” (1471-2000)
Research by CMU, MIT, UCIrvine, UMass
IASA Mid-Atlantic Chapter (join today!)
Bredemeyer Consulting

If you know of others, feel free to comment and post it here.

3 thoughts on “Tonight’s IEEE/IASA “Architecting Software Effectively” presentation

  1. Wow, that was really quick, Shahid. Thanks a lot for a very useful event tonight.

    I felt that Suvajit was at his best. 🙂

    Moreover, I met you (and Suvajit) for the first time. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious.

    Thank you again for making the presentation (Suvajit Gupta EASE – IEEE IASA.ppt) available to all of us.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. I think we had a lot more to discuss but it was getting late. Let us continue our discussions on architecture and related topics in the coming months via online forums and our evening meetings…

    I will try to put up some of the samples I flashed at the audience last night in the coming weeks.

  3. Thank you for the presentation – an excellent starter “Cookbook” for those practicing the (art?), especially as evidenced by the animated audience participation. A useful addition at the beginning might be one or more examples of how an “Architecture” might be defined, both formally and informally.

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